Iron Fist – Clothing and Footwear With Attitude | clothes and shoes

Iron fist is an innovative and distinctive brand of clothing and footwear. It is was founded by two friends who were both bored with the existing clothing and footwear that was already on the market for skateboarding and action and adventure sports. They thought they could do better than the existing brands already out there in the stores. Brands like the once cutting edge No Fear and Swag had become commercial over time and as they became more popular they just seemed to be getting more commercial. Mike and Travis, the two friends who coincidentally are both from South Africa too, longed for return to the bygone days of punk and skate being closely linked. They wanted clothing and footwear with an attitude, clothes that could make a statement and shout look at me, “I am rebellious”.They were founded in San Diego, California, initially out of the boot of a car, that’s the trunk if you are American. They quickly gained a small but loyal following and went onto establish Iron Fist as a brand to be reckoned with, a brand that could be associated with street cool and the attitude and style they believed was missing. Within five years, Iron Fist Clothing had expanded from being sold out of the boot of a car by creators Travis Anderson and Mike van Senus to becoming a globally recognised brand with a huge range of individually designed and distinctive products. And despite being a worldwide success Iron Fist has retained it’s connection to the skate and alternative music scenes that led to it’s conception.From an initial smallscale start up, the brand grew rapidly gained and gained a reputation first in the United States, then Europe and is now an internationally recognised clothing and footwear company with a reputation for edgy and off beat design along with quality construction, demonstrating that the brand is not simply style over substance. This was all achieved within a timespan of eight years, far exceeding the two South African friends initial expectations.Iron Fist is a favourite brand of celebrities due to the design graphics and offbeat alternative styles. National exposure and publicity in numerous magazines helped to raise the brand’s profile with the Zebracorn and the Zombie Stomper heavily featured in style magazines.Iron fist heels, flats and bags are rapidly becoming must have items for the glamorous grunge fans out there with shoes sporting such fierce names as the Ruff rider ballerina and the Sugar Witch range. Booze cruise peep toe platform shoes and the Digiskull platform court shoes are two more examples of the outrageous names from the Iron Fist range. The companies own blog describes itself as a brand as both impulsive and raw and states that they never want to be perceived as mainstream regardless of the exposure and success the brand has rapidly achieved. I think Iron Fist will always remain an extremely niche brand though, the two founders are determined to remain true to the original ethos of the brand, founded to make clothing and footwear purely because they wanted to and not really interested whether you buy it or not, it’s your choice, I don’t think the guys at Iron Fist really care.They just make the clothes they want to make.

What is an Agricultural Inspector? | agriculture & forestry

People who find satisfaction and pleasure in dealing with nature particularly animals, livestock and the like would definitely discover that being an agricultural inspector is a career suited for them. This is generally considered a green job because of its direct interaction and care for animals, plants and other forms of natural resources. Most important and relevant in agricultural countries or states, this job is definitely something that requires a lot of dedication, knowledge and passion for this particular craft.The career outlook for an agricultural inspector should be plentiful. They make on average $31-$49 thousand a year.What is an agricultural inspector?This job is potentially endorsed and provided mainly by the Department of Agriculture as part of the agency’s advocacy for health and proper stewardship of the natural resources. In line with the nature of their work, inspectors are responsible for making sure that agri-businesses and companies strictly comply with the different regulations and laws provided by the state and federal government. These would generally be covering the safety of meat and its processes, poultry, egg, vegetable and fruits productions must likewise follow and adhere with certain standards before they would be marketed to the general public or consumers. In short agricultural inspectors are the main figures that protect the public’s welfare and health from any food-related illnesses and diseases.Depending on the level of the inspector, there job description would differently vary from mere inspection, testing and sampling of the different agricultural products to giving of necessary supervision, training and guidance which are often delegated to senior inspectors or high level agricultural inspectors. Some of the manual works that these professionals may also do are lifting of different weights up to 100 pounds which they need to perform their tasks and obligations.For senior agricultural inspectors, they are obliged to ensure that businesses are complying with the standards set by the department thus regular visitation and inspections must be done on these companies in an actual or ocular basis. One concrete example is when inspector would go to the actual plant where livestock products are processed and get samples for testing and quality assurance. This likewise applies to the grains and vegetable products which are also tested for quality and chemical levels.What are the requirements for the job?Several of the positions required for this job would look for bachelor’s degrees from accredited colleges mostly leaning towards biology or agricultural science. Depending on the type of job, some are requiring four-year courses while others do not necessarily need graduates with these credentials to qualify. Furthermore, potential inspectors must undergo intensive trainings and skill development to improve their craft and knowledge about their work. This would not only include sufficient knowledge on the biological and agricultural area but also with laws and regulations regarding agriculture. Most importantly, candidates must have actual field experiences in order to support their other credentials thus working on a meat-processing plant or farm would be great additional incentives in order to get a slot in the agricultural inspection industry.Green jobs are indeed timely and noble careers that are potentially growing in demand and are now widely recognized. Being an agricultural inspector is one remarkable career that encompasses every passion and care for nature and protection to the consuming public.